The Unsatisfied Housewife And The London Escort

Linda is now 33, with two loving kids and a husband. She is a stay-at-home mom who spends most of her time taking care of her children, husband, and cleaning the house. Her husband, on the other hand, is a 40-something year old short and stout man who works as one of the directors for a local banking institution in London.

She says that her husband is very nice and loving. However, the problem with him is that he is always too busy with his career, plus he has a low libido. This presents a significant problem in Linda’s marriage because the man can’t hang on a minute on top of her. As a result, the act of engaging in sex with her hubby has always left her high and dry.

Obviously, this is a significant problem for Linda. First, she doesn’t want to file a divorce because the process is hectic, and she doesn’t see the need to do so when she can ‘’fix’’ the problem on her own without her husband’s knowledge. Secondly, she is looking for a way to get herself a part-time ‘’lover’’ who will satisfy her sexual needs in a no-strings attached affair.

Her only option is to get a London Escort without her husband’s knowledge

Linda feels a little bit restricted because she must be there for her husband when she comes back home in the evening. This means that hanging out in the clubbing scenes in search for a man is not an option for her. However, a male London escort is a viable option for her because it’s quick, fan and secretive. Furthermore, she had the freedom of experimenting with dozens of different men.

Obviously, the search for this London escort began on the internet. As always, she was presented with myriads of options to choose from. But one website caught her attention. The escort site was affordable, plus it had one particular male escort who caught her attention. She was immediately smitten which prompted her to contact the young man who looked every bit like a Spanish Romeo.

They connected immediately, and arranged for this secret meet up which would happen at Linda’s house while the husband and kids were away. She gave him directions on how to get to her place. In 30 minutes, the man was knocking at her doorstep. Since she was expecting him anyway, she walked straight to the door and started kissing immediately the door flew open. Eventually, Linda experienced orgasm for the first time in 15 years of her marriage. Today, she believes this is the way to go for all sexually-starved women who are not able to walk out of their marriages because of one reason or the other.

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